Walkways, Curbs & Retaining Walls

Concrete is an extremely durable and versatile material which makes it well-suited to a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. Concrete walkways, concrete curbs, and concrete retaining walls can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, harsh weather, and high traffic volume with minimal investment costs and maintenance. Concrete maintains its structural integrity well over time without deteriorating like asphalt or wood, and is extremely cost effective.

Concrete Walkways

Concrete walkways are part of your home’s first impression, and can be completed with a variety of styles and finishes to enhance your property’s looks, functionality and value. Our well trained, efficient team of experts will make it their mission to build your concrete walkways to fit your style and specifications. Concrete walkways are extremely durable, need little to no maintenance, and are well suited to stand up to our harsh Canadian climate. Concrete walkways are available in a wide range of custom styles, colours and finishes, which include:

  • Standard white
  • Coloured
  • Coloured imprint
  • Stamped
  • Brushed Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • And more!

Concrete Curbs

Concrete curbs give a clean, finished look to any commercial property and are extremely durable as well as functional. At Alliance Concrete we are committed to quality work. We design, construct, and supervise all concrete curbs projects from conception to completion. Our concrete projects are completed in an efficient and timely manner by our company’s professionally trained concrete experts who use only top quality materials and proven techniques for concrete curbs that are structurally sound and built to last.

Concrete Retaining Walls

There are a broad variety of brick, stone, concrete, and interlock options available for commercial retaining walls. Retaining walls must be structurally sound and built according to local codes to ensure safety and long term performance. Whatever your landscaping, grading, or structural or needs, the professionals at Alliance Concrete can provide our customers with top quality materials, and skilled and experienced tradespeople to ensure proper and secure construction of both functional and attractive concrete retaining walls. Let the experienced concrete contractors at Alliance help you design an incredible retaining wall project today!

Some additional residential and commercial concrete services our company offers in the Oakville area include:

  • Concrete Repairs & Restorations
  • Concrete Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Curbs & Paving
  • Stamped & Aggregate Concrete
  • Parking Lot Paving
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Concrete Floors & Basements
  • Asphalt Paving
  • And more